Boundary Survey – What Is It and How Does it Work?

Boundary Survey is the most important thing when you are involved in the matter of land. Whenever you buy a piece of land, you must know the proper boundaries of it. Not only that, for any construction process, digging, mining, etc, a property NSW boundary survey or boundary identification survey is a must.

A boundary survey is a kind of land survey that is used for defining limits to a specific property. Mainly focusing on the corners or edges of your property, the boundary of the property or land is finalized by a surveyor. Surveying the boundaries is done by most people, whether they are buying, selling, or starting a project on their properties.

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The survey is done by professional land surveyors and costs a good sum of money based on the quality factors. This step of surveying the boundaries ensures a collection of strong proof for the property owner. If you are also here to know about the property boundary inspection or survey, read below to know more.

What Is Boundary Survey?

A land or property boundary survey is a survey that is used for defining limits to a specific property. This kind of survey thoroughly inspects the boundaries, corners, or edges of the property. The surveyor will mark and map the points and then connect the marks to make the boundary. The finalized boundary will be then made into a report. A final sketch will be given to the property owner after all the survey is completed.

what is a boundary survey

The boundary Surveys are one of the most important things for any property or land as it provides another good set of proof for further use. Since the process is very important and needs to be as precise as possible, only professional surveyors are allowed to do the job. The boundary survey starts with measuring the area, marking, and mapping the boundary lines. Once the boundary survey is complete, the land surveyor will make a drawing of the property. Apart from the land or the property survey, the complete historical records of the land are also taken.

All the past records of the property are taken into consideration and a relevant title is also obtained. Once the research is done, fieldwork is started by the surveyor. If there is any existing construction on the land, then it will be thoroughly checked and noted. Once the whole research, survey, and fieldwork are done, the surveyor will create a plan. A legal description report will be handed to you.

Things Included In A Boundary Survey

A boundary inspection involves the following steps of execution. Every surveyor and the landowner of the property goes through the following steps to complete the survey.

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  • The first step involves investigating the last survey information of the property. Based on that, purchase a relevant title for the property. To identify the title, the surveyor will order the titles and registered survey plans with the relevant state titles office.
  • Now, the surveyor will carry out some fieldwork. The surveyor will make some boundary survey marks and will finally connect them to identify the boundary location.  This survey is to determine the relationship of occupation and location of boundaries.
  • Finally, the things pointed in the survey are finalized into a report and sketch. This plan includes:
    • Identity and area of the property
    • General identity of the land improvements
    • The property position, fencing, walls, and minor boundary details.
    • Identify any covenants, leases, titles, and restrictions to the land.

Boundary Survey Cost

The cost for a boundary inspection, research, fieldwork, and plan creation costs a good sum of money. There are several factors of this survey that impacts the total cost for the survey. In short and simple words, the expense will be a little higher due to the importance of the work. Here are the major factors that affect the cost of the survey.

  • The size and shape of the land parcel or property
  • The easiness of the survey to be conducted on the land
  • Seasonal variations that affect the land parcel and the climate
  • Accessibility and terrain of parcel land to be surveyed
  • The main reason for the boundary survey
  • The material required for the measurement and marking.

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That was all about the Boundary Survey. We hope you got to know what is a land boundary survey and what are the main objectives involved in it. If you ever want your land or property to be surveyed, make sure to approach an experienced and trusted surveyor. For more related articles, visit the Surveys Buzz website.

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